Donostia- San Sebastián , Spain – Cecilia Garmendia Torres

Role in the cheese industry:
Business name and city:
Elkano-1 Gaztagune – Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain

Cecilia currently lives in San Sebastián and works as a cheesemonger at Elkano-1 Gaztagune in San Sebastián, Spain.

Read more about Cecilia and her recommended favorite spots in San Sebastián here.

  • Cecilia’s Trail Stops :
  • Bar Tanger
  • is an old bar, with high ceilings and an air of Belle Epoque with the marble table tops and the big windows.
  • La Bretxa
  • a food market in the old town where you can find local cheesemakers and must try Idiazabal cheese.
  • Access to Urgull
  • May thru Sept 8 am- 9pm; Oct thru April 8 am – 7:30 pm. It might be closed due to weather conditions like storms
  • Urgulleko Polborina
  • A bar where you can have a cold local beer and admire the awesome views of La Concha
  • Museum on top of Urgull – La Casa de la Historia de Urgull
  • July & August, open every day except on Tuesdays; Nov thru March closed; rest of months open only on weekends.
  • Bar Paco Bueno
  • Paco Bueno is an old, traditional bar. It’s like a time machine that takes you to the 50’s. But it is not only famous for the decor, it is for the pintxo “gamba a la gabardina” (fried shrimp).
  • Arenales
  • A new restaurant with an innovative chef & natural wines. You can enjoy a cheese plate from Elkano-1 Gaztagune and dishes featuring seasonal produce.
  • Restaurante Narru
  • A more traditional menu, seasonal and small plates.
  • Elkano-1 Gaztagune
  • A local cheese shop featuring Elkano-1 Gaztagune cheeses, not to miss! Say hi to Cecilia!
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